Care Services
  Includes: Care Homes, Nursing Homes & Home Care Services
  Application Form & Interview skills for Internal Vacancies
  Team Communication
  Getting it right when Completing Care Related Documents
  Dealing with Suspected Abuse
  Receiving & Dealing with Complaints
  Safe Recruitment and Retention of Care Staff
  Dealing with Stress
  Using Supervision & Appraisal Procedure to Aid Staff Development
GJ Workshops charge for the workshop, not for the numbers of delegates attending. The workshops detailed on this page will cost between £350 and £500 per day. This price variation is dependant on several issues including workshop programme alterations, pre-training meetings and follow up support. For further advice on costs call GJ Workshops who will be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with an exact cost.
In order to keep costs to an absolute minimum GJ Workshops only provide the training, the materials, training equipment and the workshop handouts. It is the responsibility of the customer or partnerships requiring the training to provide suitable training facilities and any refreshments for the delegates.
Delegate Numbers
Workshops do tend to be more effective if there are more than 12 delegates in attendance, however GJ Workshops appreciate that some care sector services are small and are unable to facilitate larger numbers. In these instances GJ Workshops would either agree to train a smaller number of delegates and this would be dependant on the workshop concerned or would recommend several care sector services join forces and share costs.
The following workshops are all 1 day in length, starting at 9.15am and finishing at 4.30pm.  There would be a 15 min break in the morning and again in the afternoon as well as ¾ hr for lunch.
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